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We are big fans of both FlipBoard and Pulse, so are excited about the luanch of PostPost, a real-time “social newspaper” that’s created from the links, photos and videos your friends share on Facebook.

Mashable reports on the launch.

The New Facebook Groups: All You Need To Know

[via All Facebook, the Unofficial Facebook Resource]

“If you haven’t heard about it yet, Facebook has completely revamped their groups product. Previously, Facebook groups were a less integral component of Facebook. The new groups has a number of new features and is completely redesigned. The primary idea behind Facebook groups is that it’s a form of ongoing collaboration product. If you want to have a simple way to communicate with your family members, you can use the groups product. Ultimately there are countless purposes for creating groups.”

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Facebook’s Geo-Targeting Plan … Finally Here?

(via AdAge)

“Facebook is having a big meeting on Wednesday and AllThingsD has the internet abuzz about whether it will finally announce its long-awaited plans for location-based marketing.

Long-awaited, indeed. Ad Age first reported on the social networking site’s imminent location intentions back in early May (Facebook to Add Location This Month, Integrate Brands Later). While an exec with knowledge of the plans said it would come that month, Facebook hit the brakes on location because of concern about the privacy uproar that would most certainly follow it. It had to get this right.”

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Are You Investing In Facebook Fans or Just Collecting Them?

[via Advertising Age] by Chris Perry

“With the increasing focus on Facebook, the largest social media platform in the US, we’ve begun to see brands fall into two distinct camps – the collectors and the investors.

The collectors have entered social media enthusiastically with ambitions to amass a large following. They are interested in a formula to determine and achieve the right number of fans, and see this pursuit as a means in itself. They perceive fans as static and expect the value from volume. They shy away from interactions that extend beyond messaging the fans they’ve catalogued, and are cautious to communicate too often, or in the wrong way. They are concerned that their collection doesn’t grow when left to its own devices.”

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More IdeaPaint Social Media Love

Great to see our work with IdeaPaint referenced here:

Facebook Location Software – The Death of Foursquare?

As seen in the New York Times

“Starting next month, the more than 400 million Facebook users could begin seeing a new kind of status update flow through their news feed: the current locations of their friends.

Facebook plans to take the wraps off a new location-based feature in late April at f8, the company’s yearly developer conference, according to several people briefed on the project, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss unannounced services.

In preparation for the introduction, Facebook updated its privacy policy last November. The new policy states: “When you share your location with others or add a location to something you post, we treat that like any other content you post.”

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Facebook Makes ‘Connections,’ Adds Community Pages

Interesting blog post from Facebook’s Alex Li on their new developments.

Also, this good write-up via

“In advance of its F8 developers’ conference this week, Facebook on Monday introduced several new changes to users’ profiles intended to increase the number of connections members have on the site. The social networking site will also ditch the “Become a fan” option on Pages for the simpler “Like,” and will add “Community Pages” intended to provide information about various topics.”

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Facebook Launches Community Pages

Mashable says … “Think the distinction between Facebook profiles, Pages and Groups is confusing? Add a new wrinkle to the mix: the Facebook Community Page.” Read more.

All Facebook says … “If my own opinion, this new form of “Community Pages” is pretty much identical to the idea behind Ning, except that it’s a different technical platform, and your publishing rights will be removed if the community becomes popular.” Read more.

What do you think? Big enough difference from Fan Pages? Intrigued by putting your brand in the hands of advocates?


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